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Imagine a future in Monroe where kids go to the neighborhood schools because the facilities are equal—or even superior—to area schools. Imagine our Southside community, where excellent, state-of-the-art athletic facilities and enrichment activites are abound and our young people’s dreams of academic and athletic success are fully supported.


The Wossman Wildcat Alumni Associations, Wildcat Investment Fund (WIF), was established to fund various projects at Wossman High School.  The WWAA aim is to fund the WIF by seeking alumni/corporate donors and hosting several fundraisers and events.


Over the past two years the WWAA has fully funded projects over $25K. Scholarships, $10K given towards the purchase of the WHS marquee, $4k given to the WHS athletic programs, & six successful Hall of Fame Weekends to honor our former teachers and fellow alumni for tremendous work at WHS and in our community. We would like to take our financial giving to new heights but we need your financial support by becoming members and or WWAA sponsors.


1.) Fund the WWAA Memorial Scholarship Fund

2.) Fund the WHS Senior Class Initiatives

3.) Fund the WHS Alumni Homecoming Activities

4.) Fund College Tours & Career Fairs

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