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The goal of the Scholarship Committee is to provide financial assistance to graduates of WHS. The criteria focuses on helping graduates that have shown that they have a strong sense of community through public service, academia, and have a desire to pursue higher education that will empower them to become future leaders of America.

The WWAA Memorial Scholarships will be given in honor of alumni and faculty members that gave unselfishly to Wossman High School and its student body. In order to ensure the success of the WWAA Scholarship Program, criteria have been established governing the application and selection process.





As the President, it is my vision that the Scholarship Committee reaches its full potential. In order to accomplish this, WWAA is seeking members willing to accept the challenge of building futures through financing gifted minds. We challenge all WWAA members to accept this invitation to participate in making the WWAA Scholarship Program  a success.

We are encouraged and excited about our mission to serve tomorrow’s leaders today through scholarship awards. We look forward to partnering with you to accomplish our goals.
As Alexander Hamilton so eloquently stated, “Those who stand for nothing may fall for anything.” Get involved; the success of WWAA depends on it!

For more information regarding the WWAA Scholarship Program, or if you have any questions please contact us at 318-538-1098.​

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